Thursday, September 7, 2017

Response to Jami Shelton’s Article: Witchcraft and Sorcery

This article, “Witchcraft and Sorcery” is very well written. The writer (Jami Shelton) is clearly versed in the history and modern mores of witchcraft today, an astute expert without a doubt. My problem with the theme of this piece is not that Shelton has it wrong—but that she has it right on the money.

Modern witchcraft, in my opinion, is a capitulation to the Christian Church. It essentially follows a modified version of the Golden Rule (the Wiccan Rede), and it nods to the Old Testament by meting out Divine judgment on its practitioners through the threat of the three-fold rule. Not to mention, there is the constant reinforcement that witchcraft is only “for good,” and that witches are peace-loving enlightened beings who would never harm a soul.  But that’s not witchcraft.

Witches have a dark reputation for a good reason: they do curse things. They are known for curses and hexes. They were hunted in the 17th century and before for exactly that reason. But does this mean that witches are only evil? No. Clearly, they are also known for herbalism and infusing magick to boost the effect of herbal remedies. So, they are also healers.

The point is that witches, should be morally free to do either or. Notice I did not say that they should be immoral, because that can be a bondage as well. Rather, I said “morally free.” What is right and wrong is between the witch and his or her deity. It’s not up for debate and not available for subjugation. 

Wherever there are spirits in motion, there are those who want to rain them in, control them, and ultimately use them for their own ends. The witch should be light enough to see her god, brave enough to follow that god to the ends of the earth, and dark enough to do what needs to be done for the benefit of her life—here and hereafter, other people’s morality be damned.

So, I say leave the soup kitchens to the Christian converts. Let the religious sheep wander around with dumb smiles on their faces as if they weren’t lying that they had found “the way.” The witch is free; because if the witch is not free, then why be one?

Edward Gordon
Coven of the Eighth House

Original Article: Witchcraft and Sorcery by Jami Shelton

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