Sunday, October 8, 2017

Thoughts of Substance

The existence of things is separated by the graduation of reality: A dream is real until one wakes up, then the world is real, until one dies, then the higher-self is real, until one ascends, then consciousness is real, until it rests, then only the mind exists, until the mind stops, then substance remains as it always has.

Change occurs most at the lowest levels of reality and stills as things become more real. The Substance is eternally still, but the mind marches on according to rules that give rise to consciousness, which longs to perceive, so it imagines beings who go here and there seeking anything new, only to find out in a dream that nothing remains the same even for a moment.

Because the Substance is the only real thing and is infinite and unchanging, change can only occur at levels of less reality. We are separated from the Divine not by space or time or knowledge or nature. We are separated by reality. It is real, we are less so.

At the level of Substance, everything is solid and unchanging, but a little further down and the mind makes universes by laws that run like clockwork, and just down from that is consciousness which perceives it all through modalities of selves that incarnate into the physical world. And when those selves create dreams, those things in the dream are the least real of all.

So, nothing is really changing, but it always seems to be. And this is just the way things are with Substance. Do not ask where Substance comes from, because it is the only real thing. Don’t ask when it came to exist, because there never was a state of being when it didn’t exist. It is all that exists, so it always has existed.

The Substance is infinite, so at lower levels of reality, change seems to occur, but that change will occur infinitely, and so it is still confined within the Substance that never changes.

Substance experiences nothing new, not ever. Never has. But then Substance doesn’t experience at all.

Substance is not a person, but all persons are Substance. Substance is not a thing, but all things are Substance.

If you scream to wake up, you find yourself in your bed. If you scream some more, you find yourself. If you then scream some more, you will disappear altogether, because consciousness is not a self, but all selves are consciousness.

Substance is not God. God is the self and nothing more. God is just two steps up from a dream: Dream, incarnation, self…consciousness, mind, Substance. So, from the highest point of reality, God is not real. To the Substance, God would be like something a character in your dream imagined.

But then, on the other side of a dream, Substance is waiting as it always has been.

Edward J. Gordon
October 8, 2017

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